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You are planning your trip to Berlin and would like to make most of its gastronomic attractions during your visit, try out its best off the beaten road locations and trendiest places that move the local gourmet scene?Then our “gastronomic map for Berlin” featuring its trendiest and most creative eating spots is exactly what you need. For the optimal planning of your stay, the map is prepared in the form of exclusive daily sightseeing itinerary through the popular areas of Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg, with all eating locations, coffee shops and bars already integrated in the recommended sightseeing activities.The map includes:- exclusive walking itinerary with plenty of insider tips- 1 option for breakfast / brunch- 2 options for lunch- 2 options for coffee & cake break- 2 options for dinner- with introduction what makes the location unique and recommendations for signature dishes and drinks to try in each location- bar and nightclub recommendations to visit after dinner

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